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Meatballs are a classic Italian dish that dates back centuries, and it's easy to see why they've endured time. Meatballs are incredibly versatile, with numerous recipes utilizing different types of meat, spices, shapes, and sizes. Plus, they're endlessly customizable, easily blending and balancing sweet, savory, and spicy flavors. If you’re looking for a succulent centerpiece for your dinner table, meatballs are sure to be a hit.


Achieving the perfect meatball is an art form, requiring a pinch of creativity, some patient experimentation, and a bit of culinary finesse. The cornerstone is typically a blend of beef, pork, and/or veal, although other meats like chicken and turkey can easily be used as well. From there, the flavor possibilities are nearly limitless, with a wide array of herbs, spices, sauces, and seasonings that can transform any recipe. You can opt for the traditional savory-style meatballs or get creative with something more unexpected, like teriyaki or jalapeno-style.

When it comes to shaping your meatballs, the sky's the limit. Cinnamon roll-shaped patties are a fun twist on the typical round shape, while flattened discs give you a firmer texture and every bite is packed with flavor. You also have the option of making larger-sized meatballs to serve as a meal or smaller ones as an appetizer. It all depends on the occasion and your personal preferences.

No matter how you decide to craft your meatballs, be sure to cook them properly. Browning each side of your meatballs in a pan before transferring them to the oven will help ensure their juicy interior is preserved until they’re fully cooked. And although not everyone thinks about it, pairing your finished dish with the right sauce or side dish is essential to getting the most out of the experience. From garlicky Puttanesca to flavorful basil pesto, the possibilities are truly endless.

With a little practice and patience, you’ll become an expert at producing delicious, satisfying meatballs that make any meal memorable. Handcrafted with love and attention, these tender morsels of flavor are sure to win over the hearts (and stomachs) of everyone around the table!

Meatballs dishes

A selection of Meatballs dishes.


Tantalising and fragrant, meatballs are a true gastronomic marvel. Whether served in sauces, as part of a hearty stew or simply on their own, meatballs are one of life's great pleasures.

Interestingly, meatballs have been around for centuries and are enjoyed all over the world. Recipes vary depending on locality, but the core ingredients remain the same: ground beef (or pork, or even a combination of the two), salt, pepper, and optionally grains like breadcrumbs. Variables include additional flavours such as herbs, spices, and vegetables, though these too can differ significantly from culture to culture.

Whenever it comes to food pairings and typical dishes, meatballs make a great companion for just about any ingredient you can think of. When served on their own, meatballs are usually accompanied with mashed potatoes, paella, and even with traditional pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs. Meanwhile, meatballs in a sauce pair particularly well with items like roasted vegetables, salads, or a creamy mash. For a truly sophisticated touch, try pairing your meatballs with fresh, crunchy greens and a few slices of artisan cheese.

For something a bit different, why not try using your favourite type of sausage instead of ground beef? This is a great way to experiment with different flavours and textures - the sky's the limit! Alternatively, you can add a bit of zing by creating a stuffing such as olive tapenade, which will help keep your meatballs moist while adding considerable depth of flavour.

Whatever dish you opt for, cooking with meatballs is an incredibly rewarding experience. They are an accessible and economical ingredient that often packs quite a punch in terms of flavour. Plus, they freeze exceptionally well, making them ideal for busy families or those who wish to pre-prepare their meals for the week ahead.

It is not hard to see why meatballs are so adored all over the world. The wonderful thing about them is that there is so much scope for experimentation. Be it rich sauces, fresh salads, or even gourmet stuffings - the possibilities are endless. Try them today and discover what all the fuss is about!

History of Meatballs

Meatballs have been a beloved dish around the world since time immemorial. Believed to have originated in ancient Rome, they have become a staple of Italian cuisine and a popular item on menus worldwide. However, the history behind this scrumptious treat is far richer than one might expect: it provides a fascinating glimpse into the dynamic evolution of global food culture.

The first record of meatballs dates back to the 1st century AD, when the Roman gourmet Apicius wrote about them in his collection of recipes. In his book 'De re coquinaria' (Cooking and Dining in Ancient Rome), he describes a dish consisting of chopped pork, wheat flour, pepper and other spices such as nutmeg, formulating what would become the classic ingredients for a meatball.

As the Roman Empire spread its influence across Europe, so did the popularity of this dish, with local variations popping up in kitchens throughout the continent. In the Middle Ages, meatballs graced tables from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, with various flavors and adaptations. As they crisscrossed the continent, they took on new shapes and sizes and adopted a variety of nicknames, depending on the region.

In the 19th century, Italian immigrants brought the tastiest of these recipes to the Americas, adapting it once again to the available ingredients and tastes of the New World. From Mexico to the US and Canada, the dish was embraced and eventually became a staple in North American cuisine.

Today, meatballs are a popular dish around the world, with dozens of different recipes available depending on the culture, the occasion and the region. From the hearty Swedish version served with potatoes and lingonberry sauce to the spicy Mexican albondigas simmered in richly-flavored tomato sauce, meatballs provide a delicious glimpse into the past and a timeless, comforting treat for the present.