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Poultry is a titillating culinary treat for any food enthusiast. From succulent, juicy drumsticks to the tantalizing flavor of crispy wings, poultry provides a plethora of gastronomical delights.


Many cultures have delighted in poultry for centuries, with traditional cuisines from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Middle East all featuring dishes which rely on poultry. In some countries, poultry is even a national treasure; in France, for example, the ‘cuisses de poulet’ is an incredibly popular dish that can be found everywhere from restaurants to high-end bistros.

Not only is poultry a delicious ingredient in many meals, but it’s also incredibly nutritious too. It’s high in lean protein and contains essential vitamins like B6, niacin, and folate, as well as minerals like zinc and selenium. This makes it an ideal choice for health-conscious eaters, as it’s low in total fat and contains few calories.

When selecting your poultry, look for free-range chickens, who have been allowed to roam freely in a natural environment and eat a nutrient-rich diet, rather than grubby caged birds confined to cramped spaces and fed questionable feed. You’ll often find that the tastiest poultry come from these smaller, backyard farms – and can usually be purchased at local farmers markets or even directly from the farm.

Whilst there are lots of ways to cook poultry, one of the most popular methods is roasting. This method provides the perfect balance between moist, tender meat and crispy golden skin that locks in all that amazing flavour. For a lighter twist on the traditional roast, try out a citrus-infused version – add a mix of lemon, lime and orange juice to the pan and let the orange rinds provide a hint of sweetness as the juices mingle with the robust flavors of the poultry.

From quick weeknight dinners to elaborate Sunday feasts, poultry is a sure-fire way to amp up any meal. So why not give it a go today?

Poultry dishes

A selection of Poultry dishes.


Ahh, poultry. The quintessential ingredient in so many of our favorite dishes. From classic fried chicken to Cornish game hens, poultry has a unique quality that can elevate any meal with its tender texture and subtly sweet flavor. We may love it for its versatility in the kitchen, but do we take enough time to explore the lesser known pairings and dishes that it can bring to the table?

Let us first delve into its more common incarnations. Fried chicken and gravy is a combination that never fails to satisfy, made all the more delectable when served alongside a generous helping of creamy mashed potatoes. Similarly, a traditional roast chicken with herbs and vegetables is a hearty meal that is sure to please the entire household. But why not try spicing up your poultry dishes with unexpected flavor combinations? For example, pairing a sautéed chicken breast with a mango salsa is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its heady mix of sweet and savory.

Another great option for experimentation is poultry's natural affinity for fruits. A turkey with apples or apricots makes for an exceptionally succulent dish; or why not try a roasted quail with plums and a hint of cinnamon for a fragrant and unique addition to the dinner table. And don't forget about other creative ingredients when looking for interesting flavor profiles; combining a roasted duck with olives, capers and rosemary is sure to excite the palate.

Aside from these classic dishes, poultry also makes for an excellent addition to soups and stews. A slow-cooked chicken and vegetable soup is a simple yet satisfying meal; and a creamy mushroom soup with chicken thighs is a comforting favorite. An ideal way to kick off a romantic evening is with a light and bubbly chicken and champagne risotto; the aroma of freshly cooked rice mingling with the delicate flavor of the poultry is sure to tantalize your senses.

Poultry truly is a protein worth celebrating, and these are only some of the myriad of possibilities available. So the next time you reach for that roasting pan, consider all the delicious and decadent options that poultry can bring to your dining adventures.

History of Poultry

When we consider the origin of poultry food, it is important that we do so with a nuanced perspective. While there is no single source or definitive beginning to our beloved poultry cuisine, many who are passionate about the topic have sought to trace where it all started.

The earliest anthropological records point to various regions in the Asian continent as the origin of this culinary delight. In India, circa 2000BC, chickens were bred for the purpose of producing eggs, and the bird has been highly prized since this time for its succulent, tender flesh. The birds were domesticated and kept by the nomadic ancient tribes, and the custom of eating poultry soon spread to other regions such as China and Southeast Asia.

The Greeks were no strangers to poultry, either, and references to its consumption can be found in the writings of Herodotus and Xenophon, both of whom noted the use of the birds in their cuisines. With the advent of the Roman Empire, the dish spread to Africa, Europe and beyond.

The introduction of poultry to the new world was made possible in part by settlers from Spain, who brought chickens with them on their ships in the fifteenth century. To this day, some traditional Latin American dishes make use of chickens, such as arroz con pollo or chicken soup.

It is also important to note that the ways in which poultry is prepared have changed significantly over the years. Originally, birds were boiled or roasted, but as time passed and our palates expanded, more intricate recipes and methods of cooking emerged.

From the plains of Asia to the sizzling kitchens of Latin America, the story of poultry food is one of cultural exchange, exploration, and evolution. Whether enjoyed in a restaurant or cooked at home, the pleasure taken from poultry dishes is an enduring pleasure indeed.